January Update

January has been an exciting month for Education Catering Support Services. We are experiencing national interest in the service from establishments in Leicestershire, Walsall, Birmingham, Lincolnshire, Rugby and Worcestershire.

An Exciting New Development 

This month, due to our input, we have supported a client to secure funding to build a number of new kitchens. Our involvement in the building of these new kitchens will include meeting suppliers and finalising specifications and quotes. We will be project managers – working ‘on-the-ground’; developing menus, setting new budgets for the schools, recruiting new members of staff and writing job descriptions. Alongside our project management duties, we will be marketing the brand new services to parents at the schools, with the aid of seminars, menu taster sessions and printed literature to take away with them, so that they have the fullest and best understanding of what is going on. The new kitchens are due to be opened in September 2015.

A Happy Customer 

We have seen a huge improvement in our dinners since the start of the spring
term. The new ordering website is up and running and seems a lot more user
friendly, it still needs some tweeks but we are working with the team to ensure
Our uptake in general has improved and once communicated with parents they
have all said how much better the ordering system is. 

Business Manager, Lincolnshire school

For support with the development of your catering service, please contact Karen

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